Wheel Refinishing

Quality and affordable wheel refinishing is what we’re known for in Houston. All minor scratches, curb rash, and minor cracks can be fixed with our wheel refinishing service. We can refinish all common types of finishes, including; chrome plated, polished, machined, custom painted, hyper and PVD finishes.

Wheel Refinishing in Houston

You may have invested all your money buying a car, and you were happy for a moment. But maybe you recently have realized that your rims are giving in to the forces of wear and tear. You could be wondering – where do I get the finances to replace them? Is there any other option? Well, this is where we come in. We exist to help you do wheel refinishing and other repairs. We are the best service provider of wheel refinishing in Houston, TX.

Wheel Repair Houston has invested in the best equipment in the industry to ensure the rim refinishes are amazing. The whole process is also done with a keen eye on excellence. The paint has to be exact, and the powder paint finishes have to be satisfactory. Further, we check on the structural integrity of the wheels during the wheel refinishing, since this is the only way of making sure that you have a safe ride once we are through with our services.

We conduct various tests on your wheels, because we care about your safety. We will do tests that:

  • Help us find out if the refinished wheel can withstand heavy loads when your car is turning or when stimulated to move forward.
  • Help us know if the refinished wheels are good enough during impactful events or in case of air loss.

Therefore, once the refinished wheel passes through the tests above, we will be confident to call you to take home your product. Our wheel refinishing services are offered to people like you; who are concerned about the amount of money that they will pay in the long run. Actually, we have always been that listening partner to the majority, giving you rates that you cannot find anywhere else. That’s what makes the cost of our wheel refinishing very affordable.

Our services are offered to people who love quality wheel refinishes. We use skills, experience and wit to ensure that your wheels will have the best appeal after we are done with our wheel refinishing process. More importantly, our wheel refinishing service will allow you to get the required wheel life, saving on the costs of replacing a wheel. If you live in Houston, Texas and are in need of wheel refinishing services, we are your best bet.

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